I am a Research Scientist at Samsung AI Center-Cambridge and a doctoral candidate in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. I am fortunate to work with Dr. Sourav Bhattacharya and Prof. Cecilia Mascolo.

I am passionate about drastically optimising On-device AI processing via algorithm & system innovations, enabling various and exciting real-world applications for users, thereby pushing the boundaries of what's possible within strict hardware constraints.

To this end, I develop new methods and systems and leverage knowledge from On-Device Machine Learning, Continual Learning, and Multi-Task Learning.

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  • TinyTrain: Deep Neural Network Training at the Extreme Edge
    Young D. Kwon, Rui Li, Stylianos I. Venieris, Jagmohan Chauhan, Nicholas D. Lane, and Cecilia Mascolo
    arXiv 2023 | PDF | Link

  • Exploring User Perspectives on ChatGPT: Applications, Perceptions, and Implications for AI-Integrated Education
    Reza Hadi Mogavi, Chao Deng, Justin Juho Kim, Pengyuan Zhou, Young D. Kwon, Ahmed Hosny Saleh Metwally, Ahmed Tlili, Simone Bassanelli, Antonio Bucchiarone, Sujit Gujar, Lennart E. Nacke, and Pan Hui
    arXiv 2023 | PDF | Link

  • HideNseek: Federated Lottery Ticket via Server-side Pruning and Sign Supermask
    Anish K. Vallapuram, Pengyuan Zhou, Young D. Kwon, Lik Hang Lee, Hengwei Xu, and Pan Hui
    arXiv 2022 | PDF | Link

Selected Publications
  • YONO: Modeling Multiple Heterogeneous Neural Networks on Microcontrollers
    Young D. Kwon, Jagmohan Chauhan, and Cecilia Mascolo
    IPSN 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • PROS: an Efficient Pattern-Driven Compressive Sensing Framework for Low-Power Biopotential-based Wearables with On-chip Intelligence
    Nhat Pham, Hong Jia, Minh Tran, Tuan Dinh, Nam Bui, Young D. Kwon, Dong Ma, VP Nguyen, Cecilia Mascolo, Tam Vu
    MobiCom 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Exploring On-Device Learning Using Few Shots for Audio Classification
    Jagmohan Chauhan, Young D. Kwon, and Cecilia Mascolo
    EUSIPCO 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • MyoKey: Inertial Motion Sensing and Gesture-based QWERTY Keyboard for Extended Realities
    Kirill A. Shatilov, Young D. Kwon, Lik-Hang Lee, Dimitris Chatzopoulos, and Pan Hui
    TMC 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Causal Analysis on the Anchor Store Effect in a Location-based Social Network
    Anish Krishna Vallapuram, Young D. Kwon, Lik-Hang Lee, Fengli Xu, Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Enabling On-Device Smartphone GPU based Training: Lessons Learned
    Anish Das, Young D. Kwon, Jagmohan Chauhan, and Cecilia Mascolo
    PerFail (PerCom 2022 Workshop) | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Exploring System Performance of Continual Learning for Mobile and Embedded Sensing Applications
    Young D. Kwon, Jagmohan Chauhan, Abhishek Kumar, Pan Hui, and Cecilia Mascolo
    SEC 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link
    Best Paper Award

  • Interpretable Business Survival Prediction
    Anish Krishna Vallapuram, Nikhil Nanda, Young D. Kwon, and Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • IAN: Interpretable Attention Network for Churn Prediction in LBSNs
    Liang-Yu Chen, Yutong Chen, Young D. Kwon, Youwen Kang, and Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • FastICARL: Fast Incremental Classifier and Representation Learning with Efficient Budget Allocation in Audio Sensing Applications
    Young D. Kwon, Jagmohan Chauhan, and Cecilia Mascolo
    Interspeech 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Knowing when we do not know: Bayesian continual learning for sensing-based analysis tasks
    Sandra Servia Rodriguez, Cecilia Mascolo, and Young D. Kwon
    arXiv | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • ContAuth: Continual Learning Framework for Behavioral-based User Authentication
    Jagmohan Chauhan, Young D. Kwon, Pan Hui, and Cecilia Mascolo
    IMWUT/UbiComp 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Aquilis: Using Contextual Integrity for Privacy Protection on Mobile Devices
    Abhishek Kumar, Tristan Braud, Young D. Kwon, and Pan Hui
    IMWUT/UbiComp 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Enemy at the Gate: Evolution of Twitter User's Polarization During National Crisis
    Ehsan Ul Haq, Tristan Braud, Young D. Kwon, and Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2020 | PDF | BibTex

  • A Survey on Computational Politics
    Ehsan Ul Haq, Tristan Braud, Young D. Kwon, and Pan Hui.
    IEEE Access | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • MyoKey: Surface Electromyography and Inertial Motion Sensing-based Text Entry in AR
    Young D. Kwon, Kirill A. Shatilov, Lik-Hang Lee, Serkan Kumyol, Kit Yung Lam, Yui-Pan Yau, and Pan Hui
    PerCom 2020 WIP | PDF | Slides | BibTex | Link

  • GeoLifecycle: User Engagement of Geographical Exploration and Churn Prediction in LBSNs
    Young D. Kwon, Dimitris Chatzopoulos, Ehsan Ul Haq, Raymond Chi-Wing Wong, and Pan Hui.
    IMWUT/UbiComp 2019 | PDF | Slides | BibTex | Link

  • Effects of Ego Networks and Communities on Self-Disclosure in an Online Social Network
    Young D. Kwon, Reza Hadi Mogavi, Ehsan Ul Haq, Youngjin Kwon, Xiaojuan Ma, and Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2019 | PDF | Slides | BibTex | Link
    Oral Presentation, Full Paper Acceptance Rate: 14%

  • UbiComp/ISWC 2019: A Post-Conference Summary Report
    Young D. Kwon, Mohammed Khwaja, Neille-Ann H. Tan, Marla Narazani, Mikolaj P. Wozniak, Arshad Nasser, Rahul Majethia, Lucy Van Kleunen, Victoria Neumann, and Rajkarn Singh
    IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2019 (Impact Factor: 3.813) | PDF | BibTex | Link

Professional Experiences

Samsung AI Center-Cambridge
Research Scientist · Sep. 2023 ~ Present
Advisor: Dr. Sourav Bhattacharya
Research Intern · Apr. 2022 ~ Apr. 2023
Advisor: Dr. Stylianos I. Venieris, Dr. Rui Li, Prof. Nicholas D. Lane

Dept. of CSE, HKUST
Research Assistant · Mar. 2020 ~ Jun. 2020
Advisor: Prof. Dimitris Papadias

Memory Business, Samsung Electronics
Engineer · Jul. 2016 ~ Aug. 2017
Engineering Intern · Jul. 2015 ~ Aug. 2015

1st Fighter Wing, Republic of Korea Air Force
Staff Sergeant · Feb. 2011 ~ Feb. 2013

Research Experiences

Optimising DNN Processing on Extremely Resource-Limited Devices
Research Intern (Advisor: Dr. Stylianos I. Venieris, Dr. Rui Li, and Prof. Nicholas D. Lane ) · Apr. 2022 ~ Apr. 2023

Incremental Learning on Resource-constrained Devices
Research Assistant (Advisor: Dr. Jagmohan Chauhan and Prof. Cecilia Mascolo ) · Jul. 2020 ~ Sep. 2020

A Study of Applying Neural Networks on a Database
Research Assistant (Advisor: Prof. Dimitris Papadias ) · Feb. 2020 ~ Jun. 2020

Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge
Visiting Research Student (Advisor: Dr. Jagmohan Chauhan and Prof. Cecilia Mascolo ) · Jul. 2019 ~ Dec. 2019

User Engagement Analysis and Churn Prediction with LBSN Datasets
Postgraduate Research Stduent (Advisor: Prof. Raymond Wong and Prof. Pan Hui) · Aug. 2018 ~ Present

HKUST-DT System and Media Laboratory at HKUST
Postgraduate Research Stduent (Advisor: Prof. Pan Hui) · Aug. 2017 ~ Present

Information & Intelligence System Lab. at SKKU
Research Intern (Advisor: Prof. Jee-Hyong Lee) · Sep. 2015 - June. 2016

Social Network Analysis Project with Social-Attribute Network Dataset of Google+
Undergraduate Research Student (Advisor: Prof. Pan Hui) · Feb. 2015 ~ June. 2015

Teaching Experiences


  •  •  Anish Krishna Vallapuram (HKUST, now at Amazon)
  •  •  Nikhil Nanda (Previously at HKUST, now at Columbia University)
  •  •  Liang-yu Chen (Previously at HKUST, now at Purdue University)
  •  •  Yutong Chen (Previously at HKUST, now at the University of Chicago)
  •  •  Youwen Kang (Previously at HKUST, now at Tencent)
  •  •  Anish Das (University of Cambridge, now at Goldman Sachs)
  •  •  Nav Leelarathna (University of Cambridge)
  •  •  Issam Nedjai (University of Cambridge)

Teaching Assistant

Invited Talks
  • [Cambridge Korea Academic Society][25 Mar 2023] Deep Learning at the Extreme Edge. Host: Dr. Gwangbin Bae
  • [Korea Military Academy][4 Feb 2022] YONO: All You Need To Represent Multiple Dissimilar Neural Networks on Microcontrollers. Host: Prof. Juhee Kim
  • [KAIST][27 Jan 2022] On-device Continual Learning in Mobile Sensing Applications. Host: Prof. Lik-Hang Lee
  • [KAIST][27 Jan 2022] You Only Need One Pair of Codebooks to Represent Multiple Deep Learning Models on Extremely Resouce-Constrained Devices. Host: Prof. Junehwa Song
  • [University of Cambridge][12 Aug 2021] Efficient Continual Learning in Mobile Sensing Applications. Host: Prof. Nicholas D. Lane
  • [University of Cambridge][3 Dec 2019] An Empirical Study of Lifelong Learning on Mobile Applications. Host: Dr. Seyyed Ahmad Javadi
  • [Korea Military Academy][8 Oct 2018] Characterization and Prediction of Churning Users in CQAs and LBSNs. Host: Prof. Seonho Lee
  • [HKUST][5 Jul 2018] Community effects on Self-Disclosure Behaviors of Users in an Online Social Network. Host: Prof. Pan Hui

Honors & Awards
  • 2021
    Best Paper Award at SEC 2021
  • 2020-2023
    Nokia Bell Labs Studentship for PhD Study at the University of Cambridge
  • 2017-2019
    The Postgraduate Studentship for MPhil Study at HKUST
  • 2014-2016
    Samsung Scholarship for Undergraduate Study at SKKU
  • 2010-2013
    National Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship at SKKU
  • 2016
    Honorable Mention at the KIISE conference 2016
  • 2015
    Honorable Mention for undergraduate papers at the KIISE conference 2015
  • 2021
    Travel Grant from SEC
  • 2021
    Interspeech Travel Grant from ISCA
  • 2019
    The Research Travel Grant from HKUST
  • 2016
    Honored to be a Valedictorian in the college of ICE
  • 2016
    Excellent Record Award for Top 3 Graduates in the college of ICE
  • 2016
    Outstanding Undergraduate FYP Award in the college of ICE
  • 2015
    The Excellence Award in Mobile App Competition
  • 2013-2016
    SungKyunKwan University Scholarship for Excellent Records
  • 2013-2015
    Dean's List Awards, 4 times at SKKU and once at HKUST

Selected Fun Projects


Extra Activities

Rowing - Won silver medal in HKUST Indoor Rowing Competition in Apr 2015 | photo
Rowing - Won bronze medal in 2015 Hong Kong China Rowing Association Coastal Rowing Championships in Mar 2015 | photo
Marathon - Completed half marathon (21.1km) 2 times in 2013 and 2014 (photo)


I love traveling to new places since I can meet entirely new people with different perspectives towards lives, worlds, etc.
You can check countries I have visited here in this web page

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