I am a Ph.D. student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, where I am supervised by Prof. Cecilia Mascolo and funded by Nokia Bell Labs.

My research focuses on resource-constrained mobile systems to enable context-aware adaptation to the changing environments (e.g., new inputs and users) in real-time while preserving privacy. To this end, I develop new methods and systems and leverage knowledge from On-Device Machine Learning, Continual Learning, and Multi-Task Learning.

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Selected Publications
  • YONO: Modeling Multiple Heterogeneous Neural Networks on Microcontrollers
    Young D. Kwon, Jagmohan Chauhan, and Cecilia Mascolo
    IPSN 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • PROS: an Efficient Pattern-Driven Compressive Sensing Framework for Low-Power Biopotential-based Wearables with On-chip Intelligence
    Nhat Pham, Hong Jia, Minh Tran, Tuan Dinh, Nam Bui, Young D. Kwon, Dong Ma, VP Nguyen, Cecilia Mascolo, Tam Vu
    MobiCom 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Exploring On-Device Learning Using Few Shots for Audio Classification
    Jagmohan Chauhan, Young D. Kwon, and Cecilia Mascolo
    EUSIPCO 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • MyoKey: Inertial Motion Sensing and Gesture-based QWERTY Keyboard for Extended Realities
    Kirill A. Shatilov, Young D. Kwon, Lik-Hang Lee, Dimitris Chatzopoulos, and Pan Hui
    TMC 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Causal Analysis on the Anchor Store Effect in a Location-based Social Network
    Anish Krishna Vallapuram, Young D. Kwon, Lik-Hang Lee, Fengli Xu, Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2022 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Enabling On-Device Smartphone GPU based Training: Lessons Learned
    Anish Das, Young D. Kwon, Jagmohan Chauhan, and Cecilia Mascolo
    PerFail (PerCom 2022 Workshop) | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Exploring System Performance of Continual Learning for Mobile and Embedded Sensing Applications
    Young D. Kwon, Jagmohan Chauhan, Abhishek Kumar, Pan Hui, and Cecilia Mascolo
    SEC 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link
    Best Paper Award

  • Interpretable Business Survival Prediction
    Anish Krishna Vallapuram, Nikhil Nanda, Young D. Kwon, and Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • IAN: Interpretable Attention Network for Churn Prediction in LBSNs
    Liang-Yu Chen, Yutong Chen, Young D. Kwon, Youwen Kang, and Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • FastICARL: Fast Incremental Classifier and Representation Learning with Efficient Budget Allocation in Audio Sensing Applications
    Young D. Kwon, Jagmohan Chauhan, and Cecilia Mascolo
    Interspeech 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Knowing when we do not know: Bayesian continual learning for sensing-based analysis tasks
    Sandra Servia Rodriguez, Cecilia Mascolo, and Young D. Kwon
    arXiv | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • ContAuth: Continual Learning Framework for Behavioral-based User Authentication
    Jagmohan Chauhan, Young D. Kwon, Pan Hui, and Cecilia Mascolo
    IMWUT/UbiComp 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Aquilis: Using Contextual Integrity for Privacy Protection on Mobile Devices
    Abhishek Kumar, Tristan Braud, Young D. Kwon, and Pan Hui
    IMWUT/UbiComp 2021 | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • Enemy at the Gate: Evolution of Twitter User's Polarization During National Crisis
    Ehsan Ul Haq, Tristan Braud, Young D. Kwon, and Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2020 | PDF | BibTex

  • A Survey on Computational Politics
    Ehsan Ul Haq, Tristan Braud, Young D. Kwon, and Pan Hui.
    IEEE Access | PDF | BibTex | Link

  • MyoKey: Surface Electromyography and Inertial Motion Sensing-based Text Entry in AR
    Young D. Kwon, Kirill A. Shatilov, Lik-Hang Lee, Serkan Kumyol, Kit Yung Lam, Yui-Pan Yau, and Pan Hui
    PerCom 2020 WIP | PDF | Slides | BibTex | Link

  • GeoLifecycle: User Engagement of Geographical Exploration and Churn Prediction in LBSNs
    Young D. Kwon, Dimitris Chatzopoulos, Ehsan Ul Haq, Raymond Chi-Wing Wong, and Pan Hui.
    IMWUT/UbiComp 2019 | PDF | Slides | BibTex | Link

  • Effects of Ego Networks and Communities on Self-Disclosure in an Online Social Network
    Young D. Kwon, Reza Hadi Mogavi, Ehsan Ul Haq, Youngjin Kwon, Xiaojuan Ma, and Pan Hui
    ASONAM 2019 | PDF | Slides | BibTex | Link
    Oral Presentation, Full Paper Acceptance Rate: 14%

  • UbiComp/ISWC 2019: A Post-Conference Summary Report
    Young D. Kwon, Mohammed Khwaja, Neille-Ann H. Tan, Marla Narazani, Mikolaj P. Wozniak, Arshad Nasser, Rahul Majethia, Lucy Van Kleunen, Victoria Neumann, and Rajkarn Singh
    IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2019 (Impact Factor: 3.813) | PDF | BibTex | Link

Research Experiences

Optimising DNN Processing on Extremely Resource-Limited Devices
Research Intern (Advisor: Dr. Stylianos I. Venieris, Dr. Rui Li, and Prof. Nicholas D. Lane ) · Apr. 2022 ~ Apr. 2023

Incremental Learning on Resource-constrained Devices
Research Assistant (Advisor: Dr. Jagmohan Chauhan and Prof. Cecilia Mascolo ) · Jul. 2020 ~ Sep. 2020

A Study of Applying Neural Networks on a Database
Research Assistant (Advisor: Prof. Dimitris Papadias ) · Feb. 2020 ~ Jun. 2020

Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge
Visiting Research Student (Advisor: Dr. Jagmohan Chauhan and Prof. Cecilia Mascolo ) · Jul. 2019 ~ Dec. 2019

User Engagement Analysis and Churn Prediction with LBSN Datasets
Postgraduate Research Stduent (Advisor: Prof. Raymond Wong and Prof. Pan Hui) · Aug. 2018 ~ Present

HKUST-DT System and Media Laboratory at HKUST
Postgraduate Research Stduent (Advisor: Prof. Pan Hui) · Aug. 2017 ~ Present

Information & Intelligence System Lab. at SKKU
Research Intern (Advisor: Prof. Jee-Hyong Lee) · Sep. 2015 - June. 2016

Social Network Analysis Project with Social-Attribute Network Dataset of Google+
Undergraduate Research Student (Advisor: Prof. Pan Hui) · Feb. 2015 ~ June. 2015

Professional Experiences

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Memory Business
Engineer (Full-time Employee) · Jul. 2016 ~ Aug. 2017

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Memory Business
Engineering Intern · Jul. 2015 ~ Aug. 2015

Republic of Korea Air Force, Operational Command, 1st Fighter Wing
Staff Sergeant · Feb. 2011 ~ Feb. 2013

Teaching Experiences


  •  •  Anish Krishna Vallapuram (HKUST, now at Amazon)
  •  •  Nikhil Nanda (Previously at HKUST, now at Columbia University)
  •  •  Liang-yu Chen (Previously at HKUST, now at Purdue University)
  •  •  Yutong Chen (Previously at HKUST, now at the University of Chicago)
  •  •  Youwen Kang (Previously at HKUST, now at Tencent)
  •  •  Anish Das (University of Cambridge, now at Goldman Sachs)
  •  •  Nav Leelarathna (University of Cambridge)
  •  •  Issam Nedjai (University of Cambridge)

Teaching Assistant

Invited Talks
  • [Cambridge Korea Academic Society][25 Mar 2023] Deep Learning at the Extreme Edge. Host: Dr. Gwangbin Bae
  • [Korea Military Academy][4 Feb 2022] YONO: All You Need To Represent Multiple Dissimilar Neural Networks on Microcontrollers. Host: Prof. Juhee Kim
  • [KAIST][27 Jan 2022] On-device Continual Learning in Mobile Sensing Applications. Host: Prof. Lik-Hang Lee
  • [KAIST][27 Jan 2022] You Only Need One Pair of Codebooks to Represent Multiple Deep Learning Models on Extremely Resouce-Constrained Devices. Host: Prof. Junehwa Song
  • [University of Cambridge][12 Aug 2021] Efficient Continual Learning in Mobile Sensing Applications. Host: Prof. Nicholas D. Lane
  • [University of Cambridge][3 Dec 2019] An Empirical Study of Lifelong Learning on Mobile Applications. Host: Dr. Seyyed Ahmad Javadi
  • [Korea Military Academy][8 Oct 2018] Characterization and Prediction of Churning Users in CQAs and LBSNs. Host: Prof. Seonho Lee
  • [HKUST][5 Jul 2018] Community effects on Self-Disclosure Behaviors of Users in an Online Social Network. Host: Prof. Pan Hui

Honors & Awards
  • 2021
    Best Paper Award at SEC 2021
  • 2020-2023
    Nokia Bell Labs Studentship for PhD Study at the University of Cambridge
  • 2017-2019
    The Postgraduate Studentship for MPhil Study at HKUST
  • 2014-2016
    Samsung Scholarship for Undergraduate Study at SKKU
  • 2010-2013
    National Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship at SKKU
  • 2016
    Honorable Mention at the KIISE conference 2016
  • 2015
    Honorable Mention for undergraduate papers at the KIISE conference 2015
  • 2021
    Travel Grant from SEC
  • 2021
    Interspeech Travel Grant from ISCA
  • 2019
    The Research Travel Grant from HKUST
  • 2016
    Honored to be a Valedictorian in the college of ICE
  • 2016
    Excellent Record Award for Top 3 Graduates in the college of ICE
  • 2016
    Outstanding Undergraduate FYP Award in the college of ICE
  • 2015
    The Excellence Award in Mobile App Competition
  • 2013-2016
    SungKyunKwan University Scholarship for Excellent Records
  • 2013-2015
    Dean's List Awards, 4 times at SKKU and once at HKUST

Selected Projects

Professional Service

Technical Program Committee


Student Volunteer


Extra Activities

Rowing - Won silver medal in HKUST Indoor Rowing Competition in Apr 2015 | photo
Rowing - Won bronze medal in 2015 Hong Kong China Rowing Association Coastal Rowing Championships in Mar 2015 | photo
Marathon - Completed half marathon (21.1km) 2 times in 2013 and 2014 (photo)


I love traveling to new places since I can meet entirely new people with different perspectives towards lives, worlds, etc.
You can check countries I have visited here in this web page

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